About Us


We are a community of people actively participating to the project, sharing their ideas, collaborating and getting in touch with professionals that might help to reach their personal goals.

To all indiscriminately, we offer the chance to share their stuff, to get in touch with people far away that otherwise would be almost impossible to reach. We offer to artists the possibility to create new contacts and collaborations, and to technically discuss as well.
Public in general will also get involved, more or less actively, watching the live stream directly from home, sharing, commenting, downloading free contents, by contacting us, and collaborating in his turn if he wish to.

The art that you will see on SocialSound, will be freestyle art:

#freestyle #music #art #sport AND #kitchen

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Virtual Festivals
Local Fests

Socialsound is an ever-evolving concept. Everyone is welcome to help us grow beyond any kind of boundary, and promoting himself at the same

Art is all.

Any artist is invited to collaborate.
Musicians, painters, videomakers, artistic directors, coaches, cooks, barmen, sportsmen and any kind of freestyler.

La buena onda is the virtue of the Socios 

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