About Us

We like to:
- respect the art
- respect the artists
- respect the people
- respect the time of the people
- respect the nature
- connect the people on this world.



Since 2011 a Authentic Network of artists.

To artists we offer worldwide visibility through our web platform and Social Networks.
To collaborators we offer the opportunity to develop projects that are in line with what we do, but based on their own personal fulfillment.

To all indiscriminately, we offer the chance to share their stuff, to get in touch with people far away that otherwise would be almost impossible to reach. We offer them the possibility to create new contacts and collaborations, and to technically discuss as well (we are providing softwares, digital tools and tutorials to use them at best).
Public in general will also get involved, more or less actively, watching the live stream directly from home, sharing, commenting, downloading free contents, by contacting us, and collaborating in his turn if he wish to.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Virtual Festivals
Local Fests

Every person who is enthusiast about the project will not hesitate to give his contribution, and will probably spread it within a really useful medium: the word of mouth. This is possible only interacting with people, placing them all on the same level and making them active contributors.

Respect: a right, yes, but also a duty!

Respect is a quality, a value, a precious gift, which is the basis of any type of human relationship and of existence itself. It is a faculty, a way of dealing with others, because respecting means giving value to every person, to every thought, to every action. Therefore, respecting others becomes a moral obligation that is deserved and not expected, which is obtained when you give.

La buena onda is the virtue of the Socios.